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Dr. Aditya Nanavati

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Dr. Aditya Nanavati practices as a Consultant Surgeon in Multi-Organ Transplant and Hepatobiliary Surgery & Is also known as one of the Best Liver Transplant Surgeon in Mumbai.


Dr. Aditya Nanavati is a well-known Liver Specialist in Mumbai and has a special interest in Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) programs with overall 8 years of experience. He has skillset in –

  • Surgical services in Cadaveric and Living donor liver transplantation
  • Simultaneous Kidney-Pancreas transplantation
  • Small Intestinal transplant
  • Multi-visceral Transplantation
  • Complex hepatic-pancreato-biliary surgeries
  • Re-operative abdominal surgery
  • Bowel lengthening
  • Short bowel syndrome


Services Offered By Dr. Aditya Nanavati

Liver Transplantation

Liver Surgery

Liver Specialist in Mumbai

Pancreas transplantation

Liver Cancer Surgeon in Mumbai

pancreatic surgery

Gall Bladder Surgery

Small Intestine Transplant

Small Intestine Surgery

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One of the kindest person. Very helpful in nature and an excellent doctor with amazing skills. Good to have such great person as your doctor. Thank you Sir
A very humble and polite Man. The best thing about him is he tries to minimise the patient and the relatives efforts to meet him. No ego of the knowledge he is having. Your knowledge is lot needed thing for humanity. Thank you.
I can definitely tell this based on my experience that Dr Aditya is one of the finest doctor and an excellent human being.I will always be indebted to him for treating my mother and helping her out of Gastrointestinal ailments. No words are sufficient to describe him
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Sometimes it may be necessary to do multi-organ transplants since the liver or kidneys may be affected by a diseased heart. Heart-liver, heart-lung, and heart-kidney transplants are performed when replacing the heart alone may not be enough to save the patient.

Individuals need a liver transplant when their liver flops because of illness or injury. Biliary atresia is the most widely recognized explanation youngsters need a liver transplant. Specialists might consider a liver transfer to treat uncommon problems, for example, urea cycle issues interface and familial hypercholesterolemia connect.

A liver transplant is a surgery that eliminates a liver that no longer capacities appropriately (liver disappointment) and replaces it with a solid liver from a deceased contributor or a part of a healthy liver from a living benefactor.

A kidney transplant is a surgery that is done to treat kidney disappointment. The kidneys filter squander from the blood and eliminate it from the body through your urine. They additionally assist with keeping up with your body's liquid and electrolyte balance. On the off chance that your kidneys quit working, squander develops in your body and can make you exceptionally wiped out or sick.

Gastroenterology focuses on the wellbeing of the stomach-related framework or the gastrointestinal tract. The gastrointestinal system is liable for the assimilation of food, retention of supplements, and expulsion of waste from the body.
Gastroenterologists analyze and treat illnesses that happen in the gastrointestinal system.